August 2017 Property Market / Rate Update

Following story from the BBC prompted a quick update on the state of play as we head in to Autumn 2017

Please email us at to ask for more information and ensure you keep on top of market dynamics. A few topical observations below.

  • BTL rental calculations are starting to improve from early part in the year as BTL lenders realise they aren’t lending enough money! Still very hard to get +65% LTV unless you earn significant income.
  • As of Sept 1st Landlords with large portfolios are now being treated differently to clients with just 1-4 units. Watch this space are we see how punitive lenders will be but proper research is essential.
  • Residential rates still all-time low although mutterings of base rate increases have started momentum of the most lucrative products being pulled. Now is the time to take advantage and secure the lowest rates.
  • Clients are still unsure if she should be fixing in for 2, 3 or 5 years. Brexit outcome being a large factor in current client confusion.
  • Development funding increasing at pace in 2017 as investment liquidity in the market increases with investors/institutions looking to get higher return from their money. To this end we are seeing new entrants into development funding space with more choice for consumers.
  • Following from taxation changes, BTL investors looking at Ltd company as purchase vehicle opposed to personal name. HMO/Student lets are also proving more popular due to their higher yield and lower purchase entry cost.