Cookie Policy

When we provide services to you we want them to be reliable and easy to use. We also need to understand how you use our services so that we can improve them.

To help us do this when you access our website we place a small amount of information on your computer or access device. These small files, which typically comprise a series of letters or numbers, are called cookies.

We use these cookies to recognise your device and provide on line services.

Some cookies are essential for the operation of our website, others are not. Opting out or blocking some cookies may affect the functionality of these sites. We want to be open about the way we use cookies and to help you make informed choices about the use.

We may place advertising cookies on your computer or device. We use cookies on this site:

  • To make the website function properly for you and to enable you to make use of the services we provide.
  • To remember your preferences and make the site easier for you to use.
  • To collect information about you use our website which is then anonymised and used to help us improve our services.
  • To track the IP address and email address of users to this site for future marketing correspondence.
  • To show the user remarketing information for a period of up to 60 days after visit

Types of Cookies

Some of the cookies we place on your computer or devise are ours. These are “first party” cookies.

Other cookies may be provided by other parties, these are called “third party” cookies and are set by other websites of domains. This would arise, for example, where we include features and functionality provided by other websites, for example YouTube videos.

We use Google Analytics to track visitors to our website and analyse how they use it, for example, where they have come from, which pages they visit and so on. To do that, Google analytics will set up three cookies in your browser. They don’t store any information that could identify you, and all the information we get from them is anonymous. You can read about Google Analytics’ cookies here.

We use Facebook Pixel to build audiences for Facebook advertising.

Turning cookies off

All modern browsers let you reject cookies. If decide to follow the instructions here to stop cookies being set in your browser, bear in mind that parts of our website (and other sites) might not function as they are supposed to.