Lombard lending is where you borrow against assets other than property. It tends to be assets that can be liquidated easily, normally an investment, i.e. pension, ISA, Bond, share portfolio or cash.

With a Lombard Loan, you retain your diversified portfolio of investment while increasing your financial flexibility by releasing capital secured against such assets. The cost (margin) of such loans and maximum loan to value will depend of the type of assets being used. The value of the portfolio will also determine the costs associated. This form of lending can often offer good rates of interest and it is quite a flexible way to leverage capital as typically the Borrower only pays interest on the drawn balance rather than the total facility.

This is a specialist area of finance that is typically the preserve of private and investment banks.  At Carbon we have the experience and breadth of contacts that enable us to offer such solutions to clients that require alternative routes to raising money.

It should be noted that the advice we provide to Property Developers is unregulated.  Should further clarification be required please contact us.